Monday, 23 July 2012

Book Your Kuwait Airways Tickets for Exemplary Services Onboard the Flight

Kuwait Airways is the national flag carrier of Kuwait, which was founded in 1954 under the name Kuwait National Airways. It has a fleet of seventeen aircraft comprising three A320-200s, three A310-300s, five A300-605Rs, four A340-300s and two Boeing B777s, that fly to thirty nine destinations in the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America, from its main base at the Kuwait International Airport. The airline is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Kuwait Airways also serves the social causes and is associated with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society in a project called 'BALSAM'. You can buy Kuwait Airways Tickets online to enable you to fly this airline.

The online booking is the most preferred method since you get all flight details you want on the website of the airline and you can book according to your requirements. The authorized travel agents, booking counters and call centers are the other sources to book your tickets. The online booking also offers advance seat selection facility wherein seats with more legroom are provided on availability. You can also carry excess baggage with prior booking, but extra charges are levied for such options. Passengers can request extra seats for carrying musical instruments, courier baggage, etc., by paying extra seat fare. Stretchers and wheel chairs are available for those in need.

The facilities provided are excellent and comparable to those of any world-class airline. Meals, entertainment and onboard shopping are interesting features provided by the airline. So, get your Kuwait Airways tickets right away and enjoy the services.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Kuwait Airways Tickets: Ample Baggage Allowance

Kuwait Airways operates flights to numerous cities in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, Indian subcontinent, North America, and other international destinations. Its codeshare partners are Ethiopian Airlines, Yemenia, Olympia Airlines and Tunis Air. Established in 1954 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait Airways initially served Damascus, Jerusalem, Abadan, and Beirut. Now it operates in nearly 41 international destinations across 26 countries. So, when traveling with it, you are bound to enjoy seamless services everywhere from ground staff to in-flight facilities.

Some special fares of Kuwait Airways tickets are as follows: London 695$, Muscat 859 $, Chennai 729$ etc. The fares change from time to time, so to grab the best deals you must check their booking website on a frequent basis.

Seat plans and best seats are displayed on the website for the convenience of the guests. The website also gives the convenience to find it for you in case you are confused which one to choose.

Baggage allowances on Kuwait Airways tickets are as follows:
Adults can carry:

•    40 kgs ( 88 lb ) for First Class fare.
•    30 kgs ( 66 lb ) for Business Class fare.
•    20 kgs ( 44 lb ) for Economy Class fare.
This applies to children over 2 years also. Infants traveling at a fixed percentage of the adult fare shall only be allowed one checked baggage and one fully foldable child carrying stroller or basket. The ticket also offers the advantage of resting at airport lounges namely Pearl Lounge and Dasman Lounge when in waiting. These lounges have shower facilities, entertainment, business meeting facility and baby sitting arrangements also.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Comfortable Fly to India with Kuwait Airways

India is a country of beauty, striking beaches, historical monuments, cultural heritage, magnificent temples which grab the attention of the visitors. There are a number of flights that fly to India, of which large numbers of flights are there from the United States also.

There are many well known airlines which offer flight services between India and America. Kuwait Airways is one such airline that facilitates easy, fast and reliable flying services to India.  The airline operates flights across 76 international destinations including Jeddah, Kuwait, Dubai, and Cairo.

The airline brings the customers with the convenient flight schedule. The online portal of the airline compiles and simplifies all the important information to help the customers in booking their air tickets and plan their complete trip. Kuwait Airways flight schedule gives the passengers a fair idea of their flights operating across the world.

The customers can view flight timings, flight arrivals and departures, routes and the days on which they fly to India. The airline offers great deals and discounts on their ticket booking. To enjoy cheap airfares, one can book their flight tickets well in advance.

The airline company sometimes comes up with attractive offers for the travelers flying to India. The travelers can take advantage of the deals and get the tickets at discounted rates. The price of the air tickets is generally hiked during the season time, but if the tickets are booked in advance one can definitely get the benefit of it. So it is advised to plan the trip in advance and book tickets to avail the benefits of this exclusive offer even on Kuwait Airways.  

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kuwait Airways Makes You Feel So Safe and Comfortable

Dedication and quality is the hymn for Kuwait Airways. Being the national flag carrier, Kuwait Airways started its operations in 1954 when the oil trading was at its very best in the Middle East. Headquartered on the grounds of Kuwait International Airport, the airline has become one of the foremost airlines in the world. It is a pioneer in flying Jet aircraft in the world. After the Iraqi invasion, the airline was launched again and since then it has expanded offering a wide network of services. Over the years of untiring service and excellence, the airline has earned a name in the market.

In the early days, the airline was serving the nearest countries like Abadan, Damascus, Beirut and Jerusalem. Later, it expanded its service to serve other countries. Today it flies to 76 destinations in 40 countries across five continents connecting all the main cities around the world.  It flies a fleet of 18 aircraft that include Airbus 310, 300 and 343 and Boeing 747 and 777.

Kuwait Airways offers world-class onboard facilities that meet global standards to its passengers. The passengers are privileged to enjoy the onboard service like a full comprehensive entertainment system, which includes Hollywood movies, Kid’s movies, Air shows and other video games. Moreover, they are also entitled to in-flight shopping, which consists of an array of gifts, perfumes, accessories and other beauty products. The airline offers a choice of meals with wide range of culinary delights. The passengers are also offered special meals, dietary meals, or baby meals on demand.  So book your ticket and enjoy flying the Kuwait Airways.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Kuwait Airways Online Booking – Experience the Comfort and Convenience of Ticketing Online

Kuwait Airways came into existence in 1954 during the prosperity of Kuwait because of the oil boom. This national flag carrier of Kuwait connects 40 destinations in 26 countries operating a fleet of 18 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. The Kuwait Airways online booking service provides options to book tickets for multiple classes like First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. The passengers can experience the touch of Arabian charm and hospitality in the unmatched service provided by the crew. The highly advanced technology and in-flight amenities take the passengers to extreme comforts. The in-flight amenities include TV, Internet connectivity, telephone facilities, and so on.

The airline not only excels in onboard services but also in online services. The website of the airline gives all information on flight schedules and flight status by which the travelers can plan their travel by sitting at the comfort of their home. The Kuwait Airways online booking system works continuously to provide complete solution to the travel needs of the people. The Oasis Club Card members are privileged with travel points, which can redeemed at anytime.

The booking web portal also gives the updates and alerts on deals, frequent travel points and change in flight schedules. You can utilize the option to facilitate your travel. The web portal is so designed that any novice passengers can book their air tickets without any difficulty. It also allows you to manage your travel by booking hotels, choosing a menu, choosing a seat, facilitating web check-in and baggage check-in, and so on.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fly Globally With Cheap Kuwait Airways Online Booking

If you want to visit the Middle East, flying by Kuwait Airways will surely satisfy your budget and preferences. There are a number of international flights connecting Kuwait to various destinations across the world. Kuwait Airways is the national carrier that provides nonstop services throughout the year. The vision of the company is to set new standards for customer orientation and become an admired airline to fly, to invest in, and to work for. It already has direct and frequent flights to Delhi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dhaka, Bangkok, Kuala Lampur, Manila, Jakarta, Colombo, Muscat, Dubai, Bahrain, Tehran, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Cairo, Amman, Rome, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, London and New York.

The best way to book tickets in Kuwait Airways is to go to the website of Kuwait Airways online booking. If you opt for a round trip with the same airline, then you not only get huge discounts but are also eligible for special offers. Flights are relatively cheaper online. This is actually a win-win situation for you because now, you can also take the time to check out the places you want to visit and plan a good schedule.

Kuwait Airways flies to 44 international destinations in 28 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. The airline is striving to become the most well-connected global airline service. The passenger is offered a bouquet of flowers, Arabic coffee on arrival at the airport and received on a red carpet. It allows travelers to receive quick information on the available flights and book directly on Kuwait Airways online booking website at the best prices.